Our Lady of Peace Church NYC Parish hopes 'mass mob' saves Manhattan church - Fox 5 New York - Our Lady of Peace Church NYC

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christine mclaughlin

We can't let Our Lady of Peace be just a memory....Remember what happened to our sister parish on 61st street???
Church of Our Lady of Perpetual Help
(Roman Catholic)

321 East 61st Street
New York, N.Y. 10065
The Parish of Our Lady of Perpetual Help was organized in 1886 for the Bohemian Catholics who had moved to the upper part of New York City. Located on East 61st Street near Second Avenue, the church was on the southern outskirts of Yorkville, in an area with a large number of Bohemians. The church was run by the Redemptorists, who built a Romanesque-style church designed by Henry Bruns costing $40,000 that opened on August 7, 1887. A school was built in 1907, administered by the Sisters of Notre Dame.

For many decades, Our Lady of Perpetual Help was a thriving church that attracted members from all parts of the metropolitan area. Masses were offered in both Czech and English. Over time, many parishioners moved away or grew old and infirm, resulting in a greatly reduced membership. By the early 1990s only about 50 registered parishioners remained and the building began to fall into disrepair. A leaky roof closed the upper church but Masses were moved to a more modest chapel in the basement. It was no surprise when the Archdiocese decided that the church would be torn down and replaced with a residence for retired priests. The last Mass in the church was held on Easter Day 1998, and the church was razed. The planned retirement home was never built.

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